St. Andrew’s Preschool
44078 St. Andrew’s Church Road
California, MD 20619


Goals and Objectives
· Concern for the child’s total growth and development-physical, social, cognitive, and emotional
· To provide an atmosphere for building a positive self-image
· To provide age-appropriate activities in an early childhood education program

School Staff

Director: Sarah Freese
4 year old Teacher: Sarah Freese
3 year old Teacher: Shelly Smith
Teacher’s Aide 5 days: Tina Thompson

Necessary Forms (all forms must be kept current)

Registration Form
Health Inventory
Immunization Record (new shot records must be provided when the child turns 5)
Emergency Consent Form
Tuition Contract
Consent Form

Qualifications for school acceptance

  1. To qualify for the 3 Year Old Program all children must be three years old by September 1st of the current school year and toilet trained; no pull-ups allowed.
    2. To qualify for the 4 Year Old Program, all children must be four years old by September 1st of the current school year and toilet trained; no pull-ups allowed.
    3. All immunizations must be up to date and all forms must be completed and turned in before the child can be admitted to class.
    Children will not be discriminated based upon race or disabilities.


Toilet Training

Children must be able to properly clean themselves after using the restroom including wiping, flushing and proper hand washing. We are happy to assist children and offer reminders. If the child is not able to properly care for themselves or continually has accidents, they may be removed from the program.  No pull ups are allowed.


Promptness is encouraged. Your child must be escorted into the classroom. It is important for you to pick your child up on time. A late fee can be initiated as needed. Arrival and dismissal will be through the front door. PLEASE sign your child in and out daily.  A staff member will be stationed near the door for the safety of the child. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD GO OUT OF THE CLASSROOM UNSUPERVISED-THE PARKING LOT CAN BE QUITE BUSY. Hand holding is encouraged. Please let us know about any changes in the dismissal of your child.

Tuition is due by the first class day of each month. All checks should be made out to St. Andrew’s Preschool. Checks may be placed in the tuition drop box located inside the front door. Please do not leave payments in the children’s folders or bags as they can sometimes be missed by the staff. There will be a one week grace period for late payment after which a $5 late fee will be applied, unless prior arrangements have been made with the director. Please remember tuition payments start in September and the last payment will be in May.  A $30 fee will be charged in addition to any bank fees for returned checks.

Snack (3 year olds)/Lunch (4 year olds)
3 year olds
– The child is to bring his/her own snack and juice in a labeled bag. Please limit their choice of snack to 1 snack and 1 drink. Snacks should be nutritious. Some suggestions for snacks are fruit, veggies, crackers & cheese, pretzels.
4 year olds– We will have a snack provided.  Lunch will be at 11:45am. Nutritious well balanced lunches are encouraged. Milk will be provided.

Please let us know if your child has any food allergies as soon as possible.

Birthdays can be celebrated with a special snack brought in by the parent. Notify the teacher in advance if you wish to provide a snack for your child’s birthday. Summer birthdays can be celebrated on the child’s ½ birthday or in September or May. No party invitations can be handed out unless the entire class in invited. Sensitive feelings need to be protected.

Health Policy

Please keep children home from school if she/he exhibits diarrhea or vomiting (24 hours after last episode), severe cough, yellow/red/watery eyes, difficult or rapid breathing, or fever over 100 degrees.  A child’s temperature should be within normal range for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

  Behavior and Discipline Policy
Children are always treated with love and respect. When a minor discipline problem exists, the child will be given verbal directions and redirection as the main means of guidance. If the problem persists, the child will be separated from the group while being supervised at all times. Most problems are corrected by sitting in the “Think About It Chair” for a few minutes. Children then have the choice of how to correct their behavior by choosing how they will apologize (i.e. Saying I am sorry, hug, draw a picture, do something nice) and show remorse for their behavior. Children are also provided the choice to play independently, listen to a book in listening center or choose a quiet activity.  Parents are encouraged to ask questions of staff if they are unclear about the handling of an incident.
Aggressive behavior such as kicking, hitting, biting or spitting will result in immediate time in the think about it chair.  The parents will be notified at pick up of the behavior. If the behavior occurs a second time, the parents will be called and asked to pick up the child for the remainder of the day.  The third occurrence can result in dismissal from the program.

Classroom Rules
· Raise Your Hand
· Be A Friend
· Walk Don’t Run
· Listen
· Share
· Help Clean Up
*Please go over them with your child and remind them frequently.

Screen Time Policy

Interactive technology is defined as educational and age appropriate use of technology including programs (apps), videos, and streaming media that encourage social engagement with other children and adults and facilitates active and creative use of technology.

Children are permitted to use interactive technology during the week not to exceed 30 minutes a week.

Passive technology is defined as non-interactive television, videos and streaming media.  Passive screen time is not to exceed 30 minutes a week and is rarely used unless for a special event/occasion.


Daily Art Projects/Crafts

Art projects/crafts will be done almost every day. If one is not sent home, it probably is being used for our bulletin boards or didn’t have enough time for the glue/paint to dry and will be sent home the following day. Your children will love to show off their works of art! Don’t forget to ask them to tell you about it.


Dress Code
Please dress your child in comfortable, washable and appropriate play clothes.  If a girl chooses to wear a dress, we ask that she wear shorts underneath. Proper foot wear is required (clogs and flip-flops are not appropriate – make sure there is a back strap on all sandals.) Rubber soles are best for jumping on the playground equipment. A change of clothing should be left at school. Be sure to update the clothing as they grow and the weather changes. Please label all clothing including jackets and coats.

Snow Days

We follow St. Mary’s County School system on closings. Two hour delays are at the director’s discretion and will be announced via e-mail and website.  Five snow days are taken into account and built in to the calendar when tuition is figured.  Any additional days will be addressed as needed.

It is our intent to keep you informed on the events of your child’s day. Make sure you check your child’s cubby for any reports as well as any other messages the school might have for you. Monthly newsletters are sent home at the beginning of the month. We can be reached by email standrewsprek@yahoo.com, website www.standrewsprek.com, or phone 301-862-1610. Miss Sarah can also be contacted on her cell phone for emergencies at 240-561-1145.